Systems capabilities

  • Standardisation

      What is the value of having approved and certified products? Approval and certification value can be perceived in different ways, some more tangible than others. Obviously, selling...

  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

    Safety in industrial plants is ensured by layers of protection. The BPCS (Basic Process Control System), the control system itself is the lowest layer of protection and is responsible for the...


Innovative ideas


We follow a continuous learning approach by always searching new technologies and new solutions for a flawless integration of our system components. By continuously investigating the latest products provided by our partners and by the flexibility given by our experince with different other manufacturers we can design innovative solutions with enhanced reliability, safety and efficiency.

Our Research and Development Department is in charge of investigating the trends in approaching high risk systems, of documenting the state-of-the-art results obtained from European research projects, and identifying ways for their implementation to address our beneficiaries' needs.

Increased performance


Our company is a partner of world's leaders in fire and gas field instrumentation and control. From sensors and detectors, to control pannel and SIL3 controllers and with the integration with high performance supervisory applications we can design turn key solutions that will increase the safety and operational perfomance in your facility.

Our mission is to provide for the further success of the Fire & Gas Services through quality, accurate educational support, delivered by experienced professionals.

Ensure you’re getting the most value from your Fire & Gas solution investment by leveraging the expertise of our Performance Services team.  We’ll work with you to identify the most significant performance improvement opportunities.

 With decades of experience in Fire&Gas solutions, server architecture and database performance optimization, our experts can make sure your operating environment is tuned for maximum performance over the lifetime of your solutions.

Cost effective solution


The SIS SA Fire and Gas Detection System is an all in one cost effective hybrid solution that integrates the features of HIMA safety related SIL3 and non-safety related addressable fire and gas control system solutions.

Using a flexible and scalable network architecture to maximize safety as well as cost effectiveness, our Fire and Gas Detection System solutions combine the commercial and engineering advantages of addressable systems with the safety integrity of conventional point to point systems.

Plants implementing an Integrated system solution for F&G, ESD and DCS systems can significantly lower their operation and maintenance costs, and in many cases, reduce overall wall-to-wall project costs by  20-25%. 

Integration of fire detection & security systems for off-sites and utilities with the plant automation infrastructure further improves operator efficiency through single-window access for alarm visualization, diagnostics, and events/historians.