New Combi gas alarm system from GDS: Combi Satellite

The Comby alarm system has been designed to operate in the full range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing.
Typical monitor locations are - public buildings, car parks, tunnels, breweries, boiler plant rooms, water treatment works, H&V control, manufacturing, process plants, horticulture, hotels, offices.

The Combi Lite offers all the features and options of the Combi with the exception of direct sensor inputs. One notable additional feature of the Combi Lite is the ability to have the display and control panel located separately.

The Combi Lite Satellite provides for remote monitoring of the Combi network system with full gas status and access to all functions and control actions. Its applications include administration and reception locations, secure offices and plant rooms where the satellite unit may be panel mounted.

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