Full-cycle services

End users should select a main automation contractor who brings together all necessary expertise in fire and gas detection for a complete, integrated solution. Certified device connections to the fire and gas safety system improve reliable performance of the overall mitigation function and establish the desired SIL. The chosen supplier should have global capabilities with consistent local support and implementation, as well as consistent engineering tools and processes for each project phase.

We offer qualified and coordinated services for all phases of the rpoject life cycle. Due to our specialized staff, we are able to work in any project phase: we accept both subtasks and complete projects, and work for end customers as well as part of a team with EPC.


Assesment & specification

Project management: by the efficient management of project resources, both human, materials and costs, and efficiently scheduling all project stages our team can ensure the on time delivery of the complete project.

Identification of system requirements: describes the detailed process functions and requirements specifications.

Identification of Ex compliance: describes the organizational procedure of a project’s safety related tasks throughout the entire plant lifecycle. Our team will assist you in determining the necessary safety instruments functions and to allocate them to appropriate protection layers, using risk chart, risk matrix and layers of protection analyses.

Specification & Procedures: all our specifications and procedures follow the SIS methodology, according to ISO 9001 quality requirements and ISO 18001 addresign occupational safety and security. 


Design & engineering

Basic design: profitability and planning reliability are based on a thorough analysis and exactly defined concepts, interfaces and responsibilities in the early project phase. We can help you to draw up safety analyses to estimate investment cost and to plan the process of obtaining approvals. We can draw up concepts for automation, control, alarm system and emergency operation.

Detailed design: certified engineers can take care of design, programming and integration of F&G, ESD, DCS and asset management systems.

FAT (factory acceptance test): during these tests our teams conduct a complete loop test of the individual and integrated systems (F&G, ESD, DCS) using our simulation stand of the sensors/actuators and bus signals and specific software tools.


Installation & commissioning

System installation and tests: System installation and testing follows a thorough methodology to ease problem detection and identification as well as future maintenance procedures.

Commissioning: we ensure that all of stages of the system commissioning from rack execution, to devices installation and system integration.



SAT (Site acceptance test): our team performs relevant functional tests under operating conditions and ensures that all the safety functions work according to the specifications.


Follow-up & maintenance

During maintenance and any event of failure our experts quickly localize and rectify faults. We can support you with all maintenance actions of HD and SW; the system maintenance also includes revision of the documentation.