F&G and ESD for gas compressing unit

Scope of work:

Procurement, assembling FAT, commissioning, SAT for:

- PLC rack (SIL 3, HIMA), operator station (PcVue)

- PCS rack (Atlas Copco)

Procurement installation and SAT for:

- Fire & Gas System with SIL 3, Shut down valves

- Integration of flow meter skid

The software development was based on configuration specifications and technical requirements, design by SIS SA and approved by Atlas Copco Romania and OMV Petrom.

Next stage of the project will be the up-grade of the ESD system for cover the process up-grading from 1 compressor to 2 compressors.



The application was developed for the monitoring and safe operation of a methane gas compression station, facility that represents a strategic unit both for the secure operation point of view and also relative to the prevention of accidental gas or possible fire sources. Because of the high temperature conditions inside the casing special mounting systems were used.



Project overview


Oil and Gas


Fire, Gas and Firefighting and ESD system for gas compression station


OMV Petrom



Hochiki fire detectors

Kentech fire control panel

GDS detectors and gas control panel


The Project described covered the procurement of materials and configuration, fabrication of panels, installation of components, Factory Acceptance Testing, supervision of installation on site, site acceptance testing and pre-commissioning, commissioning, operator training, handover, of an Integrated Control and Safety System with central and remote modules which monitored and protected gas compression stations consisting of 3 interfaces to third party system (fire detection control panel with RS 485 interface - Hochiki-UK, gas detection control panel  with Modbus protocol - GDS technologies UK, and multivariable flow transmitter with Modbus protocol - Sierra USA), 1 remote PCS module (compressor control and HMI of Atlas Copco) and 1 SIL3 rated SIS module (PLC rack -Emergency shut down system from HIMA).