Oil storage tank farm

Scope of work:

Procurement, assembling, FAT, commissioning, SAT for:

-          PLC rack (Siemens S7- 300), operator station (PcVue)

Procurement installation and SAT for:

-          control valves, tank gauging system (Endress+ Hauser), flow pressure and temperature measurements

Integration of flow meter skid.

Next stage of the project will be the up-grade of the system for cover the process upgrading from 2 tanks to 4  fuel tanks and the implementation and integration of the Fire & Gas system



We designed a process control and monitoring system for an oil storage tank farm that helped the operators in performing all the necessary tasks in loading/unloading farm tanks under strict safety conditions.



Project overview


Oil and Gas


Process control and safety and security system for oil storage tank farm


Petrom Aviation


Rack with Siemens S7-300

Local instrumentation

Number of I/Os:




The Project described covered the procurement of materials and configuration, fabrication of panels, installation of components, Factory Acceptance Testing, supervision of installation on site, site acceptance testing and pre-commissioning, commissioning, operator training, handover , of an Integrated Control and Safety System with central and remote modules which monitored and protected an oil storage facility associated with fluid transfer and storage, consisting of 3 interfaces to third party systems (Tank gauging from Endress+ Hauser with Ethernet interface, Modbus TCP/IP protocol, Skid flow meter from FMC Germany with Modbus protocol and  Flow meter transmitter- FCI), 1 remote PCS module (Siemens PLC) and 1 remote SIL2 rated SIS module in addition to PCS (Autronica Fire and gas system).