Boiler automation

Scope of work:

Procurement, assembling, FAT, commissioning, SAT for:

  • PLC rack (HiMatrix- HIMA)
  • Dust / Opacity Monitor with RS 485-  CODEL Int. Ltd.UK
  • Flue gas analyzer- Autoflame UK
  • Temperature switch -
  • Radar guided level transmitter-  Endress + Hauser
  • Flowmeter – FCI
  • Oxygen analyzer- Adev Italy
  • Frequency  converters
  • Engineering station - (using PcVue SCADA)
  • Operator station - (using PcVue SCADA)
  • Supervisory station



We designed an upgrade for a boiler that used mixed coal and black oil burners. The burner didn’t comply with current environment regulations and needed major improvement in the plant operations and boiler performance.



Project overview




Upgrade for mixed coal and black oil burner


HIMA Himatrix

Siemens PCS

Local measurement devices

Engineering and operation stations

Number of I/Os:



The project covered the procurement of materials and configuration, fabrication of panels, installation of components, Factory Acceptance Testing, supervision of installation on site, site acceptance testing and pre-commissioning, commissioning, operator training, handover , of an Integrated Control and Safety System with central and remote modules which monitored and protected an thermal heat production facility, consisting of 5 interfaces to a third party system (Dust / Opacity Monitor, Flue gas analyzer, temperature switch, radar guided level transmitter, frequency  converters ), 1 remote PCS module (Siemens), 1 remote SIL3 rated SIS module in addition to PCS (Himatrix) and SIL 3 rated SIS in central location.