Fire control panels

Choosing a fire alarm system isn’t just about legal requirements, it’s also about the building surfaces, saving time, money and effort.

Fire Detection Products from Hochiki, one of the Worlds' leading manufacturers of quality fire detectors and alarms, offers you a safe environment designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Hochiki Corporation has a large variety of fire detection systems such as photoelectric sensors, gas sensors, heat sensors, infra-red flame detectors, beam smoke detectors, optical and ionization smoke sensors, multi-sensors, switch monitors and relay or bell controllers. 

Fire control panels from Kentec are a world leading solution that can be easily integrated with all Hochiki fire detectors. The most common types of fire control panel are conventional and addressable alarm systems.

The main difference between the two is that the addresable fire alasm system gives you information about individual detectors thus you can pinpoint the exact place where the device has been activated, whereas with a conventional system there is no way of pinpointing the exact location of the fire conventional system, only giving you information about specific zones. However, by wiring your building into different zones, you can get a general idea of where the fire is. For instance, if you have two floors, you could wire the first as ‘zone 1’ and the second as zone 2. So if a fire occurs in zone 1, you know that the fire is somewhere on the first floor.

Functionally, the addressable fire alarm system is superior, which can help prevent costly activities and save time when detecting a fire. It’s also cheaper and easier to install. But in terms of buying price, a conventional system is cheaper, and will meet the functional needs of small premises where a sophisticated system is not necessary.

Adresable Control panel

With a high reliability and integrity, we are offering you a suitable control panel for all small to large sized fire detection systems with one to four loops, each one sustaining up to 127 Hochiki devices. The control panels can be expanded and networked to become part of much larger systems if the need arises, therefore providing a future proof solution for any installation.

You can olso add aditional Syncro VIEW panel that are a simple and convenient method of extending the controls and indications of the fire alarm control panels to other locations, being designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment.

Convetional Control panel

The SIGMA CP range consists of a series of conventional fire alarm control panels that consists of 2, 4 and 8 zone control panels each zone being capable of sustaining 32 elements.