SIL Controllers

The first TÜV-approved safety system in the world was developed by HIMA. Based on this same world-renowned safety technology HIMA now offers its various systems for a range of requirements  - the foundation for safe AND economic solutions. All of the systems can be integrated easily and comprehensively into any DCS and automation environment on the basis of cross-manufacturer, open communication standards.




With HIMax you improve process profitability. Especially for mid-size and big SIL 3 applications, applications with high performance requirements and plants with requirements of nonstop operation for many years.

HIMax is a flexible platform for large, critical production processes that you can never afford to have go down. HIMax adapts to all I/O-count, response-time and fault-tolerance requirements as well as centralised and distributed applications. HIMax delivers availability for life by enabling uninterrupted system operation throughout your plant’s lifecycle. Hardware and software changes can be performed without system interruption.

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Non-redundant, compact SIL 3 systems for applications with just a few I/O points and especially for networked, time-critical applications in the process industrymachine automation and rail sector.

Developed for applications requiring a few I/O points to several hundred I/O points, HIMatrixF features cost-effectiveness and big-system performance. Ideal for networked and time-critical applications, the HIMatrixF series of safety-related controllers and remote I/O modules delivers excellent system performance, compactness and easy assembly. Devices with enhanced performance offer PROFINET, multitasking, SOE recording and reload capability.

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HIMatrixM: Thanks to its computing power, a large variety of sensor interfaces and granular architecture, the new HIMatrix M45 is suitable for complex safety-critical applications in the area of logistics and machine safety. It makes safe motion control solutions simpler, more flexible and more profitable.

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High-reliability, flexibly configurable SIL 3 systems for small and mid-size applications in the process industry which require a high level of safety and process availability.

Designed to provide maximum guaranteed safety, HIQuad solutions are an ideal choice for small and mid-size safety-critical applications requiring high levels of process availability. HIQuad solutions are available with different combinations of scalable availability at the I/O and CPU level. HIQuad systems are extremely flexible and can be easily adapted to all application requirements.

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Planar4 is the only safety system in the world which can be used up to SIL4 in accordance with IEC 61508. Planar4 is the system of choice for automation processes involving extremely high risks to people, machines and the environment – where the utmost safety is of the utmost priority.

Planar4 systems are programmed by means of wiring, which makes them extremely robust. Various wiring techniques are used for programming: solder, Termipoint, and Wire Wrap on the backplane bus board.

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