Upgrade for existing systems

When a plant has in its installation components that are obsolete or physically worn, it does not operate at maximum efficiency. The system can have safety and reliability issues. To resolve this problems there are two possible approaches:

  • Redesigning the entire segment
  • Upgrade: Changing important or critical components of the segment to upgrade the functionality or reliability of the system.

Considering the financial and operability advantages, we recommend the second approach.

Upgrading an installation consists in several steps:

  • First, the installation has to be analyzed: components, functionality, strong and weak points.
  • Second, making a project: the analysis report will be used as a base for the upgrade project. The project will contain the equipment that has to be replaced and the new ones that will have to be bought and integrated in the system.
  • The last step is the acquisition and installation of new equipment and interconnecting it with the SCADA system.

Advantages of the upgrade consist in the ability to improve the operation, utility and operating cost of the plant. It also makes the system more reliable and safe, changing the vulnerable components from the system. Lastly the life cycle of the system is lengthened, assuring that the plant will stay in use longer.